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Lip Surgery


It’s a sort of procedure that reduces/enhances the volume of your lips. It can be lower, upper or both the lips. The reason why people go with such surgery type is because it enhances their facial appearance and makes them look pretty nice. Overall, sometimes people call such procedure as lip reduction/enhancement plastic surgery.

Lip Surgery

What Is Lip Surgery?

When you are looking for a balanced relationship between upper and lower lips, patients have got to go through Lip Reduction/enhancement Cheiloplasty, also called Lips Surgery. Therefore, surgeons modify your lips and make it look awesome on your face without disturbing their functioning.

Therefore, in case you have excessive tissues clubbed around and want to get rid of such volume; that is when surgeons work on removing an elliptical strip of tissue to make sure you feel rejuvenated and lips reflect the right personality type, awesomeness and amazing lip balance on your mouth and face.

If You Have Overly Large Lips (Get Lips Surgery), then Following May Be the Causes:

  • You must have thick tissues on lips
  • Any sort of deformities when it comes to Dentofacial!
  • Glandular Hypertrophy
  • Some sort of Infection or Trauma

What You Can Expect From Lips Surgery (For A Shorter Period Of Time – Post Lips Surgery Condition)?

  • Bleeding
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Slight Pain

What You Should Do After Lips Surgery?

  • Apply ice packs (If Recommended)

Recovery Time after Lips Surgery

  • It may take a few days, even a week or two to ensure your sutures to come out and you can expect your lips to completely heal during this period of time!

Benefits of Lips Surgery:

  • The surgery ensures you don’t have excessive tissue or substances that may have resultant in lip deformity
  • Balanced lips ensure you look fresh and uniquely awesome
  • It’s possible to get the Lips Surgery Procedure done within hours.
  • If you are looking for the permanent solution, and get rid of overly lips, just get on with Lips Surgery.
  • You experience very low downtime after the procedure
  • The best part is – There won’t be any visible scarring

It’s good to have Lips Surgery If

  • You are a nonsmoker
  • Have sound health
  • Don’t have any mental illness
  • Have pretty good body weight
  • Possess realistic expectations out from the Lips Surgery

What You Should Look After Before Going To Lips Surgery

  • It’s important to have clear idea on who is going to work on during Lips Surgery
  • He/she should be a board certified plastic surgeon
  • Ask whether he/she has done any Lips Surgery before and experiences with the same
  • Look after the patients who have got Lips Surgery done successfully from whom you are consulting on
  • Figure out how surgeon as well as other staffs behave with you
  • You should make sure that the surgery clinic or hospital is certified, and not fake!
  • Ask about surgeon qualification and understand his/her nature towards the profession as well as patients’ sufferings!