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Double Chin Correction is for those patients who have excessive fat deposited under the chin/neck. Hence, its surgery called Liposuction. Surgeon uses the method to remove the fat deposited. In the first phase, invasive laser liposuction is used to melt the fat, and then it is removed forever. In the second phase, surgeon uses second laser to make their skin tightened after getting it treated through heat. The best part is – It’s amazing, effective and safer treatment!

Double Chin

Results After Double Chin Correction Treatment:

  • It may probably take 4-6 weeks, depending on Double Chin Correction Treatment and patients’ types. It usually differs from person to person!
  • It is suggested to wait about to 12-14 weeks to experience optimum results!
  • Or in some rare cases where sudden hair loss has taken place due to trauma or burns

Is Double Chin Correction Permanent Solution?

  • The short answer is – Yes.
  • During Double Chin Correction Treatment, your deposited fat under Chin is treated to make it crystallized, and then naturally removed out from the body itself! So, it’s permanent for sure.

What Are The Effects To Be Experienced After Double Chin Correction Treatment?

  • The chances are – You will experience a firm pulling sensation
  • Slight Redness
  • Slight Swelling, Tingling or Tenderness
  • Least Pain

How Safe Is Double Chin Correction Treatment?

  • You can call the complete treatment – An FDA-Cleared Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Treatment that gently and effectively ensures that the target part is treated properly to remove fat cells under the Chin!
  • It’s an approved procedure of Double Chin Correction Treatment!

Concerns About Double Chin Correction Treatment?

  • You should make sure that – You consult with the surgeon and ask everything before the treatment
  • Check out how many successfully patients he/she has treated so far
  • Check number of successful cases with the help of images
  • Ask for the qualification and necessary questions about the treatment
  • It’s important – You do market research, and see if the location where such treatment is undertaken is approved
  • See if the surgeon is certified as well as have enough competency to perform such jobs
  • At last, double check on what you should eat after Double Chin Correction Treatment since any drug or medicine taken can impact, including food that may not be that good post Double Chin Correction Treatment!

Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

  • Mentally Fit & Physically Strong
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid unhealthy food
  • Take proper rest
  • Have enough body weight
  • Possess realistic expectations out from the treatment