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Founded in 1997 by Dr Hiren Bhatt, Nishtha Wellness is Vadodara’s leading Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetology and Hair Care practice. Nishtha Wellness is a medical and wellness practice which specialises in beautifully mixing aesthetic art with plastic surgery to deliver stunning and natural-looking results for its patients. 

Nishtha Wellness provides comprehensive surgical and non-surgical treatments for the Body, Skin and Hair. Dr Hiren Bhatt’s rich experience and artistic approach to Cosmetic and Craniofacial Surgery ensures beautiful and long-lasting results.

The medical technology at Nishtha Wellness is state-of-the-art. Dr Hiren Bhatt has procured the best medical equipment from companies in Europe and the USA to give his patients a world-class experience in Vadodara. Not just the surgical equipment but also the non-surgical equipment of Nishtha Wellness includes top-quality machines such as Quantel Derma 980nm Diode laser machine, Endymed fractional RF machine, Cryolipolysis machine to name a few.

Dr. Hiren Bhatt

Meet the doctor

Dr. Hiren Bhatt

Dr Hiren Bhatt is the Founder of Nishtha Wellness, Vadodara’s leading Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Solutions practice. He completed his graduation and post-graduation in Plastic Surgery from Government Medical College, Baroda(Vadodara). He is an accredited M.Ch in Plastic Surgery. 

Dr Hiren Bhatt is extremely passionate about the Science in Plastic Surgery and equally passionate about the Art it requires to deliver natural-looking results. 


ASPS certificate
Certificate of appreciation
Plastic surgery education foundation certificate

Not just Plastic Surgery, Dr Hiren Bhatt went to the USA to specialise in Cranio-facial and Cosmetic Surgery. He trained under renowned cosmetic surgeons, Dr Ian T. Jackson and Dr S.P. Arumugam while in America.

His knowledge, surgical skills and passion for correcting Cranio-facial defects have helped almost 7,500 children to recover from Cleft Lip and Palate defect (a common birth defect) in Vadodara alone.

Dr Hiren Bhatt continues to work hard every day and continues to help people become a better version of themselves.

Dr Hiren Bhatt’s Achievements

About Services

Plastic Surgeon Dr Hiren Bhatt’s Nishtha Wellness offers a large variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments that have changed the lives of his patients not only in Vadodara but also from other parts of the world. 

Nishtha Wellness’s service portfolio is one of the most diversified and comprehensive ones in the field of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology. Dr Hiren Bhatt’s spectacular skills as a surgeon and in-depth knowledge of fields such as trichology and craniofacial surgery have allowed Nishtha Wellness to expand its offerings in every direction. This is one of the biggest advantage patients of Nishtha Wellness have – all services under one roof!


Nishtha Wellness is a leader in providing best quality Cosmetic Surgery treatments in Vadodara. The Surgical Treatments are provided in-house with a World Class Operation Theatre in-built with the best medical equipment and the unmatched surgical skills of Dr Hiren Bhatt. 

Dr Hiren Bhatt’s specialisation in Craniofacial Surgery from the USA helped him perform corrective surgeries on more than 7,500 children who were suffering from Cleft Lip and Palate birth defects. Hence, Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery are one of the most trusted and reputed surgical treatments offered by Nishtha Wellness.

Some of the most popular Surgical Treatments of Nishtha Wellness include –


Hair Transplant

The long term, safe and effective solution to combat significant hair loss



Correcting nose sizes or shapes is effortless because of Dr Hiren Bhatt’s aesthetic vision and surgical skills


Tummy Tuck

Nishtha Wellness contours your stubborn belly fat into a toned abdomen safely


Breast Reduction

Effective solution for both physical ailments caused by large breasts and mental issues



Dr Hiren Bhatt’s treatment to eliminate the problem of “man-boobs”

While these surgeries are well-known, Nishtha Wellness also has surgical offerings such as –



Reverse your ageing - look younger and more beautiful



Reshaping ears to look aesthetically proportionate with the face



Dr Hiren Bhatt’s surgical solution for tackling the problem of drooping eyelids


Dr Hiren Bhatt’s passion for the Art and Science of Plastic Surgery is visible in the bouquet of non-surgical treatments at Nishtha Wellness. The Clinic’s vision is to provide the highest quality Non-Surgical Treatments to patients which will change their looks from good to BEST painlessly! 

Similar to the variety in Surgical Treatments, Non-Surgical Treatments cover Hair, Skin, Body and Anti-Ageing.

Nishtha Wellness’ Non-Surgical Treatments are: 


Botox & Fillers:

Unwanted wrinkles disappear with the medical magic of Botox and Fillers at Nishtha Wellness


Acne Treatments

Dr Hiren Bhatt’s expertise helps in permanently solving acne issues

Laser Facial

Laser Facial

Laser facial gives tightening effect to the skin, minimizing the wrinkles. It reduces age spots and sun blemishes giving more youthful look.


Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of unwanted body hair permanently with Nishtha Wellness


Skin Polishing

Exposure to environmental pollution and sun causes skin damage. Skin Polishing helps to repair the skin and get back the glow.

All of the treatments of Nishtha Wellness whether Surgical or Non-Surgical are performed within the Clinic premises. The Clinic is completely equipped to successfully perform even the most complex of Plastic Surgeries. Nishtha Wellness is Vadodara’s most advanced Plastic, Cosmetic and Trichology medical practice