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Breast Reduction

This procedure of Breast Reduction surgery aims at reducing the size of large breasts.

  • For whom and who gets good result?Large breasts can produce physical problems like back pain, neck pain and deep brassier strap marks. It can also lead to itchy, red skin on the under surface of the breasts. If the nipples are lying lower than the breast crease, reduction procedure is surely indicated. Young girls can have inferiority complex because of oversized breasts.Those women who have these problems and are strongly self motivated, tend to get good result. Young girls should have completed good physical and mental growth.
    • Procedure before the Breast Reduction Surgery:

Blood tests, base line mammography may be advised. Medical history is reviewed.Instructions before operation are given.

What does the doctor do in operation?

Before operation the doctor takes some specific measurements while patient is awake. These measurements are taken in sitting position and are important to decide the amount of excision to be done. The operation is done under general anesthesia. The excess skin, underlying fat and glands are removed and nipple and areola are replaced in new position. Sometimes extra fat around breast and near arm pit is removed by liposuction. The incisions are stitched there after. To avoid deposition of excess fluid and blood , a small tube drain is brought out from both the breasts.

  • What is the course after Breast Reduction Surgery?

A special dressing and elastic bandages are applied after operation. The patient can move around in about 24 hours. The patient may be discharged after 24-48 hours. There may be mild pain around the breasts and it requires analgesics for about a week. A change of dressing is required after 48 hours and on 5th day. Stitches are self dissolving and hence does not require removal. Dressing is also removed at that time. Light duty can be resumed after 10 days. Around third week after operation one can resume full work but stretching the arms, lifting weight and exercising is allowed after 4 weeks.

Breasts may remain somewhat tender on touch for about 3-4 weeks. One may feel tingling around the nipple areola. During the first menstrual cycle after the operation, the patient will feel mild pain and stretching sensation in both the breasts. This is relieved by taking analgesics like Metacin, Crocin, etc.

The incision looks raised above the skin and pinkish red to begin with. It flattens and returns to normal color gradually. Over a period of time the
incision will become invisible.

The operation requires incisions through glandular substance of the breasts. As a result, breast feeding is not possible after this operation. The child has to be bottle fed.

  • What are the risks?
    • Breast reduction in general, is a very safe procedure. Life threatening complications are very rare. Some other complications are:
      • Uneven Breasts: That Is One Breast Small And Other Bigger. The Difference Between The Two Is Generally So Less That It Is Not Noticeable By Any One Other Than The Doctor And The Patient Herself.
      • Absence Of Sensation In Nipple And Areola: Such A Lack Of Sensation Is Generally Transitory. Most Of The Patients Regain Sensation In About 6 Months.
      • Loss Of Nipple And Areola: Rarely There Will Be Blackening Of Nipple And Areola In Their New Place. This Can Be Treated By Making New Nipple And Areola.

It is to be noted that all these complications are uncommon and not all the complications would occur in a given patient.

Disclaimer: It’s suggested to Consult Our Surgeon before Going with Any Treatment or Surgery.