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Graduation - A milestone that stirs up a million emotions both for parents and soon-to-be grads! The late nights and early hours of hard work have finally paid off and it’s time for your child to don that grad gown and cap. Parents have a reason to feel proud and students can expect to receive their graduation gift of choice. But, today, it seems that recent graduates have changed their preferences from cold, hard cash to something that boosts their confidence. Cosmetic treatments as grad gifts are the latest trend because modern parents are now open to help their children feel good about themselves as they make the transition from self-discovery to reinvention. According to leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeries as graduation gifts are on the rise and they are definitely not without merit. Acne, excessive facial hair, double-chins, body bulges and scars dramatically affect the self-esteem of your child and often hold him/her back socially.
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