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Cosmetic Surgery: The Latest Trend in Graduation Gifts

Graduation - A milestone that stirs up a million emotions both for parents and soon-to-be grads! The late nights and early hours of hard work have finally paid off and it’s time for your child to don that grad gown and cap. Parents have a reason to feel proud and students can expect to receive their graduation gift of choice. But, today, it seems that recent graduates have changed their preferences from cold, hard cash to something that boosts their confidence. Cosmetic treatments as grad gifts are the latest trend because modern parents are now open to help their children feel good about themselves as they make the transition from self-discovery to reinvention. According to leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeries as graduation gifts are on the rise and they are definitely not without merit. Acne, excessive facial hair, double-chins, body bulges and scars dramatically affect the self-esteem of your child and often hold him/her back socially. Parents who gift their child a cosmetic procedure make a massive difference in the life of their child – for better! This is exactly why parents have now become more open to helping their children feel good and confident about themselves, especially when cosmetic surgery has become affordable, the risk involved is negligible, and the difference it can bring about is massive.

So what’s holding you back from helping your child make the transition from a college to the career more confidently? When your child is getting ready for a big change in life and is about to meet a whole new set of people, some level of reinvention is expected and cosmetic surgery can be a constructive part of this change. Children suffering from lingering insecurities can gain a higher sense of satisfaction and greater self-esteem with cosmetic surgery.

Whether a cosmetic surgery aims to enhance a physical asset, correct a facial flaw, improve a facial feature, or set right a congenital defect, the outcome is sure to make a big difference in your child’s appearance and bring about a positive change in his/her social, personal, and professional life. The most common parent-bestowed graduation gifts today are hair loss management, liposuction, breast enlargement and rhinoplasty. Other popular non-surgical aesthetic procedures include laser hair removal and pimple and scar treatments. As a parent, you are just one decision away from changing your child’s life with a face or body altering gift. However, to make sure that your decision is well-thought out and carefully arrived at, it is important that your chosen cosmetic surgeon has the experience and the expertise to perform the procedure your child needs. Only an expert cosmetic surgeon can ensure minimal risk, faster recovery and the results you desire.

At Nishtha Hospital, Dr. Hiren Bhatt specializes in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures and uses the latest minimally-invasive tools and techniques that assure safe and effective results for your child’s cosmetic surgery. To schedule a consultation with a trusted cosmetic surgeon having more than 3 decades of experience, call 654 4884.