Mummy Makeover

Pregnancy and childbirth is the most satisfying phase in the life of every woman. However this phase of the life under the influence of the hormones, lead to significant changes in her body. Following part of her body undergoes changes during pregnancy and childbirth.

Breasts: Breasts volume decreases following pregnancy and breasts become sagging. Some women may notice breast volume increase following pregnancy. With the help of surgeries breast can be brought back to near pre-pregnancy stage.

Abdomen (Tummy)
The changes in tummy are of several types. There is fat deposition, a laxity of skin, stretch marks and the abdominal muscles have been remarkably stretched. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck (clickable) takes care of all these changes. Liposuction (clickable) can be added to this procedure to make better waist line leading to complete rejuvenation of the area.

Thighs and Hips
Excess fat in lower half of body is a problem for many women leading to pear shape asymmetry of figure. This can be addressed by liposuction (clickable).

When is the best time to go for mummy makeover?
It is advisable to give 9-12 months’ time after pregnancy. This is essential to avoid disturbing nursing of the baby.

Which procedures can be combined?
This is decided taking in to considerations the build of the patient, magnitude of the each procedures and ability of the woman to spare sufficient recovery time.

What if I undergo pregnancy after the mummy makeover?
Depending on the changes after this pregnancy, you may need revision of procedures.