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“Discover the most advanced and revolutionary cosmetic surgery and skin care services in an environment that is Refreshing, Relaxing and Rejuvenating”

We have state of the art machines for liposuction, hair removal, hair transplants, skin treatment in addition to all the routine equipments necessary for cosmetic surgery.

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A Passion for the Art and Science of Cosmetic Surgery Dr. Hiren BhattM.Ch. (Plastic Surgery)

Dr. Hiren Bhatt did his graduation and post-graduation in Plastic Surgery from the Government Medical College, Baroda(Vadodara). He then went on to specialize in Cranio-facial and Cosmetic Surgery in the USA, training under renowned cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Ian T. Jackson and Dr. S.P. Arumugam. He returned to the Vadodara and established Nishtha Hospital, a fully equipped Cosmetic Surgery Center with a state-of-the-art Operating Theatre and Monitoring Equipment, offering patients a computerised preview of how they would look after the procedure. There is a Deluxe Recovery Room as well as Private Rooms for hospitalization. However, most procedures require single-day hospitalization only.